1. •IATA Certificate in Destinatiion  Geography
  2. •IATA  Certificate -Geography in Travel Planning 
  3. •ISAGO Auditor CBT – Aircraft Ground Movement (AGM)
  4. •ISAGO Auditor CBT – Passenger and Baggage Handling (PAB)

  1. Marketing and selling travel with geography
  2. Understanding and reading maps- Political & Physical
  3. Identifying major destinations on Blank Maps
  4. Planning travel itineraries
  5. World time zones and elapsed travel times
  6. Local currencies around the world
  7. The World's Continents and Human Diversity
  8. Major Natural Geographical Features
  9. The effect of climate on Travel
  10. Major world Tourist Destinations and Attractions

  1. Geography and the Travel Sales Process
  2. Destination Geography and the Leisure Traveler
  3. The World’s Continents
  4. Human Population and the “World Village”
  5. Major Natural Geographical Features
  6. The Effect of Climate on Travel
  7. Major World Tourist Destinations and Attractions

  1. Check-in, aircraft boarding and baggage handling procedures
  2. The application of dangerous goods and security regulations
  3. Aircraft loading/off-loading
  4. Aircraft door operation and use of passenger boarding equipment

  1. Marshalling
  2. Towing
  3. Use of ground support equipment

  1. Social media definitions, the history of social media, its applications and benefits;
  2. Social media marketing in business, how it is being used effectively and the attributes and facets of the biggest social media networks;
  3. How to create social media profiles and design effective social media marketing campaigns.